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Understanding OFFCORE_RESPONSE_0 and 1


I am new to hardware counter measurements on intel. I want to measure L3 misses to local and remote DRAM on Intel Ivy bridge  Model 62(Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7-4860):

I need to understand the difference between OFFCORE_RESPONSE_0 and OFFCORE_RESPONSE_1 as both have the same sub-fields. Can I use either of these two to measure L3_LOCAL_MISSES and L3_REMOTE_MISSES? I am using PAPI low-level interface to add these two events and measure their counters for a section of my code. I have read/write access to MSR registers. Do I need to set up any lower level bits or anything related to offcore request? 

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OFFCORE_RESPONSE_0 and OFFCORE_RESPONSE_1  provide identical functionality.  The reason that there are two of them is that these events are associated with a separate MSR that is used to program the types of requests/responses that you want to count (instead of being able to include this information in the Umask field of the PERFEVT_SELx MSR).   The performance counter event OFFCORE_RESPONSE_0 (Event 0xB7) is associated with MSR 0x1A6, while the performance counter event OFFCORE_RESPONSE_1 (Event 0xBB) is associated with MSR 0x1A7.

So having two events (with different associated MSRs) allows you to count two different offcore response events at the same time.


Hello Mahwish,

I don't know much about PAPI. I can tell you something about the events. Yes, you should be able to count L3_LOCAL_MISSES in one of the offcore_response counters and L3_REMOTE_MISSES in the other offcore_response counter. Exactly what papi programs for these 2 events... I don't know.

You can look at and see the LLC_MISS.LOCAL_DRAM and LLC_MISS.ANY_DRAM events. After you program the appropriate PERFEVTSEL0/1 register, then the MSR_OFFCORE_RSP_0/1 register needs to be programmed. If you are going to use events from this tsv file, then the value in the MATRIX_VALUE column must be programmed into the 'extra' offcore_response MSR (MSR_OFFCORE_RSP_0/1... these are MSR num 0x1a6 and 0x1a7 respectively).