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Unsupported Model 61 (Intel PCM)


Hi experts,

I am trying to obtain a power consumption metric from my i7-5700EQ@2.6GHz using "Intel Performance Counter Monitor-PCM-v2.10" but the application returns the following error:

Intel(r) Performance Counter Monitor V2.10 (2015-11-17 09:01:38 +0100 ID=cd66c34)

 Power Monitoring Utility
 Copyright (c) 2009-2015 Intel Corporation
Number of physical cores: 4
Number of logical cores: 8
Number of online logical cores: 8
Threads (logical cores) per physical core: 2
Num sockets: 1
Physical cores per socket: 4
Core PMU (perfmon) version: 3
Number of core PMU generic (programmable) counters: 4
Width of generic (programmable) counters: 48 bits
Number of core PMU fixed counters: 3
Width of fixed counters: 48 bits
Nominal core frequency: 2600000000 Hz
Package thermal spec power: 47 Watt; Package minimum power: 0 Watt; Package maximum power: 0 Watt;
Unsupported processor model (61).
Cleaning up

I thought that Broadwell family was supported from version 2.9. 

NOTE: NMI_WATCHDOG is disabled after executing:

echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.




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By the way, I am using "ubuntu 14.04" and "" kernel.

Thank you.