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XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility)


"Unable to start Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. If there is another performance tuning application running, you must close it before trying to start this application."


Whenever I try opening the program I get this message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, to no avail. Nothing else is open. 


I'm trying to open this because I noticed that my CPU and GPU get much hotter lately during gaming than usual, going as high as 88C (CPU), even though I have a Corsair H150i Pro watercooler, which is working. Every video online of games I'm playing displays CPU and GPU temps much lower than mine. I even took off panels of my case and temps didn't improve much. 

I'm using an 8700K processor and it has no overclock. My 2080 Ti has no overclock either.

Idle temps used to be around 27-29C for , and now they're around 8-10 degrees higher.  This is why I want to run some tests with XTU.  Maybe the issue that is preventing XTU from opening is the same one that is causing overall higher temps? *shrug*

By the way, it's literally impossible to send Intel any kind support message. No sort of ticket system, etc. It is an infinite loop of creating account details for support, and entering them does nothing . . . is this an intentionally frustrating experience so that Intel can't be bothered?  If so they're doing a great job!

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