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Xcode warning when building PcmMsrDriver.kext


This is my first time trying to install the IntelPerformanceCounterMonitor package.  My system is an Apple Mac Pro 6,1 (2014  model) and I am running version 10.11.6 software and Xcode version 7.3.1.  I am attempting to built version 2.11 of IPCM.  When I attempt to build PcmMsrDriver.kext I get this message:  ld: warning: object file (/Applications/ was built for newer OSX version (10.11) than being linked (10.9)

I have searched all of the Xcode settings to find if I am specifying version 10.9 anywhere, but I cannot find it, all fields (that I have been able to find) referencing an OS version specify 10.11.  Since this is a kernel extension, and this system I am on has lots of important data (yes, I do have backups) I am somewhat hesitant to just drop the kernel extension and see what happens.

I will greatly appreciate any help.  Also, are there some examples of complete, operational code for Mac's using this package that I could use as a starting point for what I'm going to do?  (I simply want to grab a couple of the fixed counters and read the RAPL power information.  Might expand to a couple of other things as I get better and experiment some though.)


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