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AC7625 no longer working as access point with Connectify on Windows 10. It used to work fine with Windows 8.1 but since upgrading Connectify say that AP has been removed by Intel. Help please. Thanks


My ASUS UX305F laptop with Windows 8.1 used to work fine with Connectify. I find it very useful in hotels around Europe.

However since upgrading to Windows 10 it no longer works and Connectify say that the Access Point facility has been disabled

by Intel. Could anyone help please. I've made sure I've got the latest driver installed but no joy!

Many thanks ........ flyinggiz.

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We have reviewed your issue with our engineers and would like to inform that our adapter was not designed to work as an AP so it may not work with Conectify* Please contact Connectify* support to see if they have a workaround that might help you accomplish your goal. For your convenience, here is the link for their support: http://support.connectify.me/category/3-hotspot Hotspot - Connectify Knowledge Base

Are you experieincing any other issue with your wireless adapter besides trying to use it as an AP?