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Bluetooth not existing


Hello everyone. I have a problem with Bluetooth, my laptop says it's not available on this device, I tried all the instructions that I can find on the Internet and even contacted Microsoft, but with no help. I went to device manager, and checked hidden devices, and I found under network adapters that my Bluetooth device has the code 45 error.  I installed the intel system support utility and I would like to post a photo of a detailed view but I don't know what exactly should I take a photo of to get help?  

I have Microsoft Windows 10 version 2004 if that helps.


Thank you all in advance.

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You don't mention the type of laptop, or the age. In general, laptop manufacturers provide specific drivers for the hardware in their equipment. I would start by checking the laptop manufacturer and look for any BIOS update, and see if they have any specific Bluetooth adapter drivers. You may need to go as far as removing the current drivers installed, and the applying the driver that the manufacturer supplies. It is possible that a Windows update accidentally clobbered the driver and that is what broke the Bluetooth.


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