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Does an m.2 to PCIe adapter effect the range? What is the range of the AC 9260?


I have an m.2 to PCIe adapter(I will link the card at the bottom) which has a built in AC 9260. My brother has an older Intel wifi card: the AC 3165. Even though we are the same distance from the router(20-23 feet) he will have a constant 9 ping while my ping goes from 30-200. So my questions are: does a m.2 to PCIe adapter weaken a wifi card's range and power if it was meant to be in the m.2 slot? Does the AC 3165 just have better range than the AC 9260?(BTW idk where to post this question so I put it in Wireless networking)

Link to my card: https://www.amazon.com/Fenvi-Wireless-AC-2030Mbps-802-11ac-MU-MIMO/dp/B07DMDZ888

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Allow me to share a comparison between both of the Intel® wireless adapters (https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=99445,89450), in order to know the integration performed by Fenvi causes limitations to the Intel® Wireless adapter I would recommend getting in contact with them


Fenvi reference link:



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