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How to obtain drivers for wireless adapter not recognized by the OS


How am I supposed to download drivers for my adapter if I need drivers for my adapter to download them?

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Hello ColorExplosive,

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If your PC does not recognize the wireless adapter with the drivers built-in the Operating system, there are different ways you can obtain drivers for your Intel Wireless Adapter.

Please keep in mind that the first option should be the driver provided by the PC manufacturer; as second option, your can use the driver available in https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ Intel® Download Center.

Here are some possibilities you can use in this scenario:

- Use the drivers provided by your PC manufacturer. Most OEM's include a Driver CD/DVD, or a recovery partition in the computer with drivers for adapters and other devices installed from factory. You may contact the PC manufacturer for more information about this option.

- Connect your PC to the Network router using a wired connection. Once you have internet access, download the driver from the OEM or Intel website and install it in your PC.

- Identify the model of your Intel Wireless Adapter and download the driver using a different PC. Then use a removable storage device, such as USB drive or optical media, and copy the file to the computer that requires the driver.


Thanks. I was actually able to find the drivers already downloaded on my computer under C:/Program Files/Intel/WiFi/Drivers.

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