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Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 upgrade to ?


Hallo all,

I would like/need to upgrade Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 model: 2230BNHMW,  IC Model2230BNNHU, driver version as a download from Intel driver support,to a much later model?

Computer Dell Inspiron 17r 7720, i have contacted Dell but as you know Michael is not often in his office and the rest of his staff have a life long mission to win all prizes for not answering e/mails.

I await your kind help.

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Yea, if you are waiting for Michael to return your call, it will be a long wait.

The Wireless-N 2230 is a 300Mbps solution. It uses the M.1 (PCIe mini card) connector. The only Intel M.1 card that hasn't been discontinued is the Wireless-N 7265. This is newer, but not much of an upgrade in performance.

An alternative - if your laptop design leaves enough room to fit it in - is an M.2 to M.1 conversion card. One of the best ones that I have found is here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083YW3RM3. This card not only provides the M.2 to M.1 connector conversion but also the conversion of the antenna connectors from mhf4 to ipex 1 (the connector used on the Wireless-N 2230). Once you have converted to M.2, you can upgrade to the latest Intel AX200 card, with WiFi 6, Wireless-AX and Bluetooth 5.1 support.

Again, to be able to use the adapter card, you need to have enough room in your laptop. That's the primary bugaboo in this conversion.

Hope this helps,




Thank you for your reply, as for your suggestion details & as per-link to Amazon, I have to report a negative response after an on-site inspection of the size of available aperture. I also have fitted a separate Pcle card used for wired internet connection that is by a different maker & due to location of Laptop being too far from router hence my quest for a Wlan card.

I have noticed as you said very little if any advantage speed wise between the between the N2230 and the N7260

But I have noticed a Intel 7260 (without the N) has a speed of some 800 +, I conjecture that version may not work with my laptop?

Again thank you very much.

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As I said (perhaps too subtly), I was answering in terms of the non-discontinued adapters. If you want to consider discontinued adapters, then yes, you can look at the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.HMW adapter, which indeed offers a 867Mbps bandwidth. The reason I talked in terms of non-discontinued adapters initially was because the drivers for the discontinued adapters are no longer being maintained and any compatibility issues that you run into (as Windows 10 is upgraded over time) may not have a resolution. That said, I still have a couple of 7260.HMW adapters in older NUC models and they continue to work just fine.