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Intel Wireless AC-9560 Issue - New driver cannot be installed?



I have bought a new ASUS gamer computer, and I wondered why my download speed was only 500 KB/s , when my speed test is 5 MB/s. So I thought, my driver needed an update. So I went to device manager to update, but it said I already had the latest driver 20.50.3 .

Then I tried your tool called Intel Driver & Support Assistant and It said my Bluetooth and WiFi needed an update. So I managed to update my Bluetooth, but when I tried to update Intel Wireless Proset Software to version 20.90 it said "This software cannot be installed on your system". I also tried the 20.80 version but with the same result.

I also tried to look up on ASUS website for drivers and it said version 20.50, which I already have.

ASUS live update says I have updated everything.

What can I do? Please help.

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My fault. The speed is correct. But I still cannot install the software for a new driver.

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Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) is probably pointing towards the newest wireless drivers available at our Download Center, which are generic. If you are not experiencing any connectivity/performance issues, our recommendation is that you continue using the drivers provided by ASUS since they were customized and validated for your system. This is recommended mainly because Intel supplies generic versions of graphics drivers for general purposes.



If you would like to help us improve this tool, please let us know so that we can continue assisting you as soon as possible.



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Everything works, so I am gonna keep this driver version. Thanks for the help though!


This is a hopeless answer from Intel, which does not take into account the situation in the real world. The fact is that laptop manufacturers do a terrible job of maintaining drivers for their products and you are lucky if you get any updates to what is actually provided when you bought your device. The manufacturers have no particular interest in maintaining driver packages for devices that are no longer being sold, they have already moved on to the next generation, which they would all like us to purchase. That is why it is so important to allow usage of the generic drivers from the component manufacturers like Intel, who do update their driver packages regularly. Often there is no change made to the driver that the PC manufacturer ships, but still the regular drivers are blocked from installing. This is a terrible situation to be in since you are basically stuck with a driver state from when your PC was shipped.


In response to the OPs question you can get the latest drivers, but no the software, by downloading Intel's driver packages for IT admins. They contain only the drivers themselves and not the executable that block your install. I have had major driver issues on a number of PCs, which the manufacturer has not been able to solve, which I have fixed myself by upgrading to the component manufacturer's driver. Please stop doing this Intel. If you detect your device in a PC; let us install your drivers!