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Problems using Centrino N6235 in several notebooks


I have purchased 3 identical notebooks, Samsung NP530U4C, all of them running win7 x64 and all with the N6235 wireless adapter.

One of them works fine almost all the time, but it may happen that after standby it does not recognize the wireless adapter and states that there is no wireless adapter. I have unchecked the "allow to disconnect the device to save power" option, so this cannot be a problem. I need to reboot and then it will work ok.

The other 2 have severe connection problems, they sometimes connect and sometimes don't, when they connect they may suddenly disconnect and then act as if there is no wireless adapter because they don't see any of the several networks available. A nightmare !!

In all of the notebooks I have had BSOD. I am using the "Who crashed my computer" tool to analyze them and it systematically points to the wireless network driver.

I see that the problems with this adapter start around 10/2012 and it looks like they have not ended.

Some postings indicate that they had to go back to "g" and avoid "n" connections, some post that the new driver has solved the issue and some say that it hasn't.

I have run the Intel driver detect utility and it indicates that I am running the latest version of the driver but if I check the device driver I find that the driver version is different for the notebooks.

I am puzzled to find no clear answers and no support either from Samsung nor Intel. Does anyone have a better understanding on what is going on with this issue ?


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Hi Elias,

Please make sure you are using the latest driver version 15.6 from the link below. If the issue persists please escalate the issue with the computer manufacturer.


Ensure that in the advanced properties of the Intel driver (Device Manager area) that your wireless card is set to AUTO for channel frequency, and not specifically 20Mhz, just incase your 802.11n Router at home is set to 40MHz channel. It could be this type of problem causing you issues. If you do have the ability to change your router settings set it to Auto aswell


Same problem with a Samsung np530u3c. Samsung says to use an older driver than intel says to and I still have the problem. I'll try the latest intel driver, against the suggestion of the laptop manufacturer and see if it helps. Sadly, it usually comes back with network, but one in five times or so, no wireless network adapters appear on coming out of sleep or up after a dead battery. "Sometimes" problems are so much harder to troubleshoot.


It is very unlikely that several units will present a Blue Screen of Death; I would like to suggest a clean (not backup image) Windows* and driver installation.

It is also possible the issue is hardware related. Have you tried other troubleshooting steps besides the driver with the system manufacturer? Have they checked/replaced the adapter or the whole unit?