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WIFI working erratically



Recently (about 3 month ago) I encounter a problem with my WiFi network on my laptop. It was working fantastic until one day it started to not being able to connect to the WiFi network that i always use, that its my home network, for no reason that I am aware off.

The problem is that some times when I turn on the computer the WiFi connects automatically and the only problem is fluctuation on the signal (it was not a problem before either), but other times it is unable to connect to the WiFi even when I try to do it manually. And the only solution that I fund to this problem is to connect it via Ethernet cable directly and then connecting it to WiFi while is attached to the Ethernet cable.

I try several times to re install the drivers, doing a clean install but it did not work. I still have the same problems.

Some additional data: Since the problem started some times the notebook can not find my own WiFi (it doesn't appear on the list to connect) but it shows me other networks like my neighbors) until I connect it through Ethernet cable.

Other thing that I find recently is that if I try to switch between my own networks (5.8 and 2.4) it doesn't connect and I have to do the Ethernet cable trick again.


Notebook Gigabyte P57

WiFi adapter: Intel Dual band wireless AC-8260

current drivers of the WiFi adapter:

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You should be using the drivers provided by Gigabyte. You should also be using Gigabyte for support of your laptop.




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