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This is not an odd situation, however, it is very common with Wireless and Cisco environments.  Case in point, my new laptop(Dell) came with 20.30.x.x wireless driver.  It failed to stay connected to the wireless network for more than a couple of minutes.  Old laptop(Lenovo) connected and stayed connected just fine.  Tried to update driver, but the update stated I was at the latest revision.  Went directly to Intel's site and was able to get  Immediately after installing, the wireless on the Dell became stable as expected.  With that said, many of our new laptops are being shipped with newer driver sets and experiencing a lot of difficulty with our wireless network.  As I've stated, Lenovo (6 years old, no recent updates) and Dell (months old running have wireless stability and roam without issue.  My questions here are this, does anyone know how I can get my hands on the installer for know that will resolve the issues I'm seeing).  Also, does anyone know of a desktop tool to control the driver version, is this ProSet and if so, can I install the version I know that works in our environment.  If I were to update wireless controller code, I could potentially break other things, and or laptops that are currently working.  I don't want to play the update game, past experiences have proven detrimental to productivity.  Please advise...anyone?

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It took some looking to find a way to grab older drivers. I came across the Microsoft Update Catalog, and they have the 20.40.x.x package. You can likely use that to get the drivers you are seeking.

There are methods available to prevent Windows from updating drivers. Once you get to a stable version of the driver, you should lock the hardware to prevent automatic updates from overwriting your work.

The Microsoft Update Catalog can be found here: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=Intel+AX200


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