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help with Realtek Wireless LAN


I'm sending an old file from my notebook with everything I had installed before I had all those errors. Yesterday my notebook disconnected from wifi, it couldn't find any wifi and then it threw a blue screen. After the reboot it still didn't work so I used the troubleshooter and always deactivated and activated the realtek driver. I assumed that the problem was the driver so I updated it, deactivated it, uninstalled it, I made the computer look for the driver alone in its files and it couldn't find it, so first I looked for the version that I have Realtek 8822CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC and download that and install this https://support.lenovo.com/ae/en/downloads/ds122135. It still did not work, it did not even appear in the device manager, so I wanted to uninstall it, but I chose to search for the best version to use and then I went here https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ar/es/products/laptops-and- netbooks/ideapad-s-series-netbooks/s145-14iil/downloads/ds542137 and download my pc specifics. But it still doesn't work, I tried to manually search for the files in the device manager and I couldn't find them, it won't let me use them, and I don't know what to do anymore. I tried in the cmd certain commands to repair windows (dism) and they gave these results. I send you step by step of what was happening as I was taking photos. The last thing I did was reset the PC from the settings, and even so it still does not recognize any realtek adapter. I listed each event that was happening. . Please I need help

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attached more files. The pc was restored, I installed windows again and uninstalled everything except personal files. Now there is no network adapter. In the add hardware section, I was able to manually add the ethernet driver in the PC's own search, since my notebook has the problem that it does not have an ethernet cable input. but the realtek wireless still does not appear 

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You need to contact lenovo for support with their hardware and realtek wifi.


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