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APS with multiple executables being run

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I need help from intel for APS.  I can’t tell what the tool is reporting.  I know this is not really a helpdesk, but going through our official channels for me to get Intel support for this is just going to take a really long time.


The question is I run the APS Linux script for executable proc0.exe.


Proc0.exe is a Fortran code which has call system to procA.exe, procB.exe, procC.exe.


The APS summary says the application name is procC, not proc0.


Are the reported statistics from procC?  Or are they proc0 even though it says procC?  Or is it proc0 and all call system called exe’s?


if anyone could help explain what APS is really doing,  it would be much appreciated.

intel fortran and C  17.1.  on Linux.


My APS summary looks like:

/pw/test/linux/intel/Compiler/17.0.5/vtune_amplifier_xe_2017/bin64/  acsysrun.exe  -b -i batch.mac >batch2.log

in the log file, I see:

| Summary information
  Application      : v599


acsysrun.exe is the exe that I run under APS, but v599.exe as the reported application is an executable that was run under acsysrun.exe via a "call system()".



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Hello Scott,

APS should statistics for the application to launch and all its follow child processes. (Some metrics can be collected system wide but in this case it will cover all the processes including your process of interest). 

We will look why APS reports the process name in some unexpected way though.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry

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