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Advisor 2021.2 Linux assertion fail 'Metrics Discovery library not found'


I am working on an Intel i5-8250U laptop with OpenSuse linux 15.2 (which is very similar to Suse SLES 15 SP2).

In installed OneAPI basekit and hpckit according to the installation instructions:

sudo zypper addrepo oneAPI
sudo zupper install intel-basekit intel-hpcki

VTune and Inspector work fine.
When I open Advisor with:


 the Advisor GUI appears. Everytime I select my project and click on the "Run analysis" button an "Intel advisor caused an assertion failure" dialog appears with the following text:

CrashedPID: 27453
CrashedTID: 27458
Expression: m_library
File: sdks/release_posix-x86_64/perfrun_1.26.48/include/perfrun1/pluginsdk/metrics_discovery_lib.hpp
Line: 837
Product: Intel(R) Advisor 2021.2; 609067
ReportPath: /tmp/advixe-log-wdobbe/2021-04-22-17-29-41-984120.advixe-runss/

72 [140021813036800] WARN collectunits.pci_devices <> - Couldn't fill nodes from distance info, using old-good engine info, at file: vcs/collectunits1/pci_devices/src/linux/get_gpu_adapters.cpp:156
74 [140021813036800] WARN perfrun.sdk <> - Cannot find CloseMetricsDevice symbol
74 [140021813036800] WARN perfrun.sdk <> - Metrics Discovery library was not found, lib name: '', lib path: '', at file: sdks/release_posix-x86_64/perfrun_1.26.48/include/perfrun1/pluginsdk/metrics_discovery_lib.hpp:824
74 [140021813036800] ERROR qfagent.assert <> - ASSERT FAILED: 'm_library', at file: sdks/release_posix-x86_64/perfrun_1.26.48/include/perfrun1/pluginsdk/metrics_discovery_lib.hpp:837

EAX: 0x00007f595e6d10f0
EBP: 0x00007f595e6d1590
EBX: 0x0000000000000345
ECX: 0x0000000000000000
EDI: 0x00007f595e6d1028
EDX: 0x0000000000000000
EIP: 0x00007f59603dc165
ESI: 0x00007f595800d3a0
ESP: 0x00007f595e6d0df0
R10: 0x000000000000001e
R11: 0x0000000000000000
R12: 0x00007f595800b8b8
R13: 0x00007f595800b8b8
R14: 0x0000000000000088
R15: 0x0000000000000000
R8: 0x0000000000000000
R9: 0x00007f59653861e0

The assertion dialog then tries to collect data to send an error report to Intel, but the collection process gets stuck when the progress bar is at appr. 25%. When I close the assertion dialog the GUI is still visible, but when I try to start the analysis nothing seems to happen.

Searching for library gives no result:

linux-wdobbe:/opt/intel/oneapi # find . -name*
linux-wdobbe:/opt/intel/oneapi #


Full system information:
Intel Advisor 2021.2 build number 609067
OpenSuse Linux 15.2
HP ProBook 450 G5, Intel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU, 16 GB RAM
GCC 7.2 and 9.3

Thanks in advance for any advice how to resolve this,
regards Winfried

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Thank you for reaching out and providing all the information. We are checking it internally. We will get back to you.