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Amplifier for instrumenting code?

Is Amplifier XE a solution purely for code timing instrumentation?
What do I mean?
You insert User API calls in your code to write User Event markers tothe output file.
Can you run the instrumented codeto onlycollect the User Event timing data?
(Haven't tried it yet; maybe the command-line > ampxe-cl -collect-with runsa)
Assuming collection of just User Event markers is possible, is it easy to extract
the User Event timings from Amplifier XE's result files via the command-line?
A related thought; is there information on the collection file format?
Are there 3rd party or open source tools for parsing or extracting the timing data?
Any other thoughts on Amplifier XE for timing instrumentation?
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VTune Amplifier XE has several different collectors that use a variety of mechanisms for collecting data, including code instrumentation andEvent Based Sampling. The collectors gather those data, assembling them into the project file used in the current session. With this framework, there is a user API, itt_notify, wherein calls can be inserted into the program under test to mark and label thepoint of execution ofthose marked locations/ranges in the code. Those markers will appear in the VTune Amplifier timeline. I know of no 3rd party or open source tools for processing the content of those project files, or for running the tool so as to collect only such user events.
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