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Application not in Module of Interest


I use the evaluation copy of VTune Performance Analyzer 7.2 for
Windows and the free research/non-commercial VDK 4.0 and vtserver
on Linux.

Everything works fine, except one thing. When I try to profile
an application on the remote Linux box (Activity: Sampling) I
never see my application in the modules of interest list. I see
it in the list of processes, but not as a moi.
However, getting a callgraph from the application works fine. I
can drill down to the source level, so it basically works. But
as I am interested in profiling one specific function this doesn't
help me much.

My application is build with debug symbols and I can see all my
symbols when I open the binary in File -> Static Module Viewer
(with "Functions with source information" checked).

Has anyone ever had this problem and solved it successfully?

Martin Eikermann
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You can use the GUI modify setup to add and remove applications from the module of interest list. Depending how you run your application, at most one module would appear in the list by default.
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Hi Martin:

Also, the "Modules of Interest" is simply a mechanism to tell the VTune analyer to do some preprocessing of these modules upon completing the activity. This allows you to pack the results immediately after the activity completes, without drilling down into the data, and still be able to do that on the system where you unpack the data. That is, the module(s) of interest are never highlighted in the results in any way.

For normal application performance analysis, you can should start with the Process view and select your application. Double-click on it and you will see the threads created by your application. Next, select all or the threads you are interested in and double-click on these (or press the Module button) to see all modules loaded by these threads in this process.


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