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Base Relocation Problem (New User)


I am trying to use VTune for the first time. I am working with IVF 8.1.030 and VTune 7.2 on IA-32.

Step #1
I installed VTune from CD and then performed the upgrade which came out in the first week of June; this amounted to copying a couple files.

Step #2
I walked through the supplied VTune example project, which is based on a simple C project. Works great. Pretty call graphs.

Step #3
I tried to apply VTune to my Fortran app. When I create an activity, I get a message telling me that my monitored module, in this case my program.exe, does not have base relocations and that I will not get any call graphs. Sure enough, I get plenty of call graphs for system calls and calls to the ivf runtime libs, but no callgraphs for the routines in my Fortran sources.

Step #4
Read a bunch of docs, try in both Debug and Release configs, wonder what compiler switches I'm missing, still don't have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong.

Step #5
Ask nicely for a clue here.

Can someone kick-start me, perhaps by pointing out what I need to read in the docs?

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Answered my own question... I was sure I had /FIXED:NO set for the linker. But I was wrong. I'm not completely comfortable in DevStudio .NET yet. Thanks.
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