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Redhat EL v.4.0 support?

I tried to install Vtune 3.0 on Redhat EL v.4.0.
I could not install it even in custom mode.
Do you have a plan to release a version of Vtune for Redhat EL v.4.0?
Or is there a way to install Vtune on Redhat EL v.4.0?

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EL 4 is not supported with VTune 3.0 for Linux. The next release of VTune for linux should support it, and will be available in the November time frame of this year.

HOWEVER, you may find using the linux remote agent will work for you right now. That linux remote agent comes with Linux versions of VTune as well as Windows versions of VTune.

In your case, that might mean:

1) installing the linux remote agent (vtserver) on this server. You'll notice its "" file in the tar ball you installed vtlec from (which installs with install).

2) Going to a supported Linux or Windows computer on the same network, and installing a GUI. (Since you already have vtlec/vtl, just track down an older RH or SuSE server and install on that: the release notes list all supported OS versions to chose from.)

3) Launch profiling activities to the EL4 server from the GUI.

Let us know back here what you decide, and what happens.



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