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How to use VTune for PXA270

I have installed VTune 7.2 and I have a Dell AXIMX50 with PXA270 processor. The OS is Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. I wonder how I can use VTune to measure the performance of my PDA. I tried all three methods (IRDC, TLDC, SRDC)that mentioned in the help document and none of them works. Is Dell AXIM X50 support Vtune?
Thanks for help!

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I will recap our communication from Intel Premier Support to benefit other forum users:
The Dell* X50 is not supported by the VTune analyzer collectors because it was developed by a different ODM (original device manufacturer) than developed the X3 and X30, which both support the VTune analyzer. This ODM did not enable support for the VTune analyzer in the BSP. Anyone desiring this support should contact Dell and let them know that you want the support. If there is enough interest, they may be convinced to make a new BSP available that enables support for the VTune analyzer.
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