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Beginner question - how to analyze a DLL, and a few seconds execution


Hi, I have downloaded and installed v-tune for the very first time.
I have followed the tutors to some extent, but have no clue on how to do this:

1) Analyze a DLL I currently program in Visual Studio 2010
2) Analyze just a few seconds of execution of it

I will explain 2): When the main program (Maxon Cinema 4D) runs, it loads my DLL and uses this DLL as a plugin. When the animation starts (Cinema 4D does 3D animations), my DLL is CPU intensive the first frame of the animation. I am not interested in this part at all. What interests me, is the part when the animation is up and running, and before it stops again. This part is interesting, and only this, because it is here where performance is crucial.

So - can someone help me in the right direction on question 1) and 2)?
Thanks in advance!



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You can profile (use basic sampling analysis, for example) the program which will call your dll, Both program and your dll work in same process, you can filter final result (search data in your dll) in this way:

1. Open result in bottom-up report, and select start-up (initialization?) time region, then do "Zoom-in & filter on selection" to generate a new report.

2. Select interest of dll from Module-List - see bottom of in the report window, then display performance data for your dll.

If you find no sample for your dll (your dll ran extreme short), you can create a Custom Basic Sampling to change sample interval from default 10ms to 2-5ms to capture more samples.

If your dll works as another process to talk with your program, You need to use advanced-hotspots analysis for system wide profiling.  

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If I understood you correctly you would like to "observe" the execution of that particular DLL.I do not know if you can accomplish this while running your program under VTune.

You  could easily do it tracking execution of DLL and simulating step in like functionality with the windbg which can break in on that particular DLL execution.For example you can put breakpoint on dllmain() function and step in.

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Please disregard my post it seems that I misunderstood your question.I was thinking that you are more interested in inspecting code execution of your DLL.