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C/C++ TRACE messages - Can they be seen during an Inspector XE run ?


Let me first apologize, if this is a duplicate thread.
I had posted this yesterday, and I have no record of this..., So let me try again.

I have many C/C++ internally generated messages that appear in the MS VS2005 while running in Debug mode. They are produced using the TRACE("...") syntax. They are used to let me know how far the program execution has got before, say, I run out of resources.

Since they are TRACE messages, the Inspector XE treats them differently than regular messages produced using a printf() function.

To me, appear as they are plain thrown out from appearing anywhere.
Can you confirm this behivior? - Thanks.

Is there a way to have those TRACE messages appear as regular mesages to some window, even the "Application Output" bottom left pane of the Inspector XE, without me redefining TRACE for the whole application ?

Thanks for any clarification/personal experienceon the subject any of you can supply.
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I believe we are researching this issue with your open Premier support case 646238. Let me know if this is not the situation.

Intel Support


Hi Rob,

Yes, this is an extension to that open case.

I was trying to get a personal and direct input from other Intel users and how they had worked around this appearent issue (if they were willing to share their experience).

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Hi Sal,

Iwould recommend you to look at ATL/MFC Trace Tool.

Best regards,


HI Sergey,

Thanks for the reply and hint.

By acting on the upper Slider, once the application has start running, and changing the its position toward the right, I was able to see the program generates messages that I have been reporting in another thread were no longer showing up when the Inspector XE radio button was set to "Microsoft Visual Studio* Output Vindow" and the run was done from inside the VS2005 IDE.

While the Inspector XE runs, however, there are no "real" TRACE messages listed. still.
Even without changing the MS settings of the screen you mentioned, I was able to see messages generated using the TRACE statement, before in the Output Pane.

With the change you sugested, now regular messages ( say generated by printf() ) are listed in the output pane as the Inspector XE documentationwas claiming
The others messages, produced by the TRACE statement, are nowhere

Am I missing something else you are tryingto tell me?


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I believe this is also a similar issue reported in Premier Support case 646238 using MFC style Debug TRACE in Windows* Visual Studio 2010. I have entered a DPD200175210 for development to review. An MFC application with MFC style Debug TRACE was test and the behavior replicated. It does not appear that Intel Inspector XE captures MFC style TRACE messages from what I can tell thus far. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine a workaround other than to use another type of messaging. Perhaps someone on the forum has another idea as it relates to MFC TRACE. None the less, Development is looking at the issue via the DPD report.

Note that Trace messaging in a CLR application in the form Trace::WriteLine( "Entering Main" ); is displayed in the Intel Inspector XE Application Output window in the Collection Log tab.