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CallGraph not showing functions below main loop

This is a C++ project in Visual Studio 2005. I'm trying VTune 8.0

I'm able to run a sampling activity and determine that, for example, strcpy is taking up a fair amount of time in my app. I need a call graph to translate that into something useful.

I can look at the static module analysis and see all the functions I want information about.

I can run a call graph and gather sample data. My main app has a couple of threads. The call graph is giving me good information for a minor thread (for sound).

The problem is that for my main thread, it only lists about 5 functions, going down to a function called 'Run' which is the main loop, but nothing below that, and of course it is taking 100 percent of the time, so, it's basically useless.

I've tried turning off all optimizations, and telling it not to omit frame pointers. There's nothing unusual as far as I can tell about the functions below 'Run', and, like I said, I can see those functions with source in the static module viewer.

Also, I will note that the CallGraph will fail (the app terminates and no call graph data is generated) if my app generates any exceptions, even if those exceptions are handled. I've modified my test environment so there are no exceptions during the call graph run.

Does VTune put out any kind of error messages or log information if it is unable to interpret the call stack past a certain point? Are there limits that can be adjusted as to how far it follows the call stack or some way to determine if it is running into such a limit? If it is unable to find a symbol for one function in a call stack will it stop there even though there are symbols it understands above/below it? Is there some way of seeing what it thinks the call stack is at a given point?

I'm at a loss. I've spent entirely too much time trying to get this to work already.
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I'm having a very similar problem. I'm also only gettin results from 2 of my 10 or so threads.

Could we please get some Intel feedback as to what this might be? It's really hindering our product by not being able to get info from vtune 8.0.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Am I and MGR the only ones having this problem? Anyone from Intel heard of this issue before?
FYI: for urgent issues you must submit them on Intel Premier Support ( Intel does not guarantee a response time on the forums. These are "user supported forums." Intel's technical support is provided via Intel Premier Support and we promise a response within 24 hours.

There is a bistro.log file that is generated in the call graph subdirectory of the VTune analyzer project directory. It can sometimes give pointers to problems that occured.