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Cannot load resources - VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows(Eval)

I am currently developing a graphics program which simply displays a model, exported from 3dsMax into the .x file format, ontop of a terrain which uses a .raw file to display the terrain. When i run the Performance analyser the program simply crashes saying error cannot load .xfile or .raw file. The error messages that are generated are user created, but it seems as though running the Performance Analyser restricts the use of resources such as these.

Is there a setting or something that i need to enable or is it just a fact that the VTune cannot handle loading resources such as these?

I'm currently running VS2005 Pro on Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this subject
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If you aren't taking measures to re-create the environment your application expects to run in, consider making a .bat file to do that, and run the .bat in VTune.
Thanks for that tim. That's probably the proper way of doing it but i found out that if i copy any resources that i require into the debug folder, where the .exe is located then the tuner has no problem with finding any of the resources. I'm guessing this is because the working directory that the Analyser works in is set to the debug folder.

In fact at the time of writing this i found that if i set the working directory to the directory where my meshes are this solves the problem.