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Custom analysis for remote machine

Hi all,

I have the following setup: I want to profile/analyze a multi-threaded application on a 4 Socket WestmereEX machine, which has Amplifier XE installed. Because this machine is for benchmarking and analyses only, there is no desktop installed (hence, no x-forward possible). I use the Amplifier GUI on my local desktop to configure tests and to view results. I use the Amplifier Command Line tool to execute the tests on the 4 socket machine remotly.

I would like to create a custom analysis that uses hardware performance counters for this setup. Unfortunately, I cannot do so because Amplifier on my local desktop tells me that the CPU does not support it (i.e., CPU is unknown)... this even makes the Amplifier GUI crash. I cannot tell him to "expect" a Nehalem or Westmere CPU...

Is there any way to overcome this problem? Thanks!
- tim
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I am not aware of a way to build a Custom Analysis via the GUI running on a system with a different architecture then the target architecture. However, you can create a command line on the remote machine to collect hardware based sampling using the -collect-with option and event-config knob. The article Event Configuration from the Command Line details how to construct such a command line.

I believe there is an enhancement request for this functionality. I will attach the enhancement to this forum thread so the thread can be updated.

- Rob

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