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Does Call Graph collector work on pure unmanaged code?



Our entire database server software package is unmanaged code and most of them is in ring 3 and few of them is ring 0. Thesoftware consists of many different processes (running in many threads) and dll. I tried to intrument one .EXE filecall graphand have no luck. Similarly, Ihave no luck ononedll file (user code)instrumentation. I tried instrumenation level -- minimal, exports, or all functions which lead me the same result --- No module from the activity was loaded. No results were generated for this run.

I have no problem on Sampling and Counter.

Intel Vtune book states that Call graph can work on managed code or mix of managed & unmanaged code. This seems implying that unmanaged code is not instrumentable by vtune. Am I missing something?? Or manybe the way I set up my activity and call graph is incorrect??

Your help & advice will be greatly appreciated.


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