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Does remote analysis automatically install VTune on remote machine?


I've got VTune 2019 Update 1 installed on my Mac and would like to profile a program running on a remote Linux server via ssh.

Do I need to specifically install VTune on the remote linux machine? At first I thought I did, but on page 4 of the post-installation steps it mentions "the automatic installation on the remote Linux system ...". I'm thinking that it will copy over what it needs to the remote machine? Can someone confirm?




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Hi Tony,

I guess your remote Linux machine doesn't have any VTune Amplifier installed so far?

In that case, when you conifgure "Remote Linux (SSH)" analysis target in the VTune Amplifier GUI "Where" pane from macOS host - it automatically installs the appropriate collectors on the target system, but does not build sampling drivers . As result you will have functional out of the box: all the software-based analysis, and hardware event-based analysis in driverless mode (i.e. via Linux Perf tool). The driverless mode has certain prerequisites and limitations:

If driverless mode doesn't satisfy your needs or is not supported by your Linux OS kernel, and you want to enable full-scale hardware event-based sampling analysis on remote Linux target - you need to build and load the sampling drivers manually: login as a root to your Linux target device, go to the <vtune_collector_install_dir>/sepdk/src and build & load the sampling drivers by following "Building the Sampling Driver" instructions from the ;

Please also notice that before running SSH remote analysis from VTune on a remote Linux* system, you need to configure SSH to work in a password-less mode so it does not prompt for the password on each invocation:

See the for more details.

Hope that helps.

Regards, Katya



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