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Fatal error from collector



My company recently upgraded our machines to Skylake processors, and we upgraded the vtune 2017 collector to work for this target, but on longer collections, I am getting:


amplxe: Fatal error: Unknown error: /tmp/amplxe-tmp-bthomason/amplxe-res-199135-1278197683605314/data.0
amplxe: Collection failed.
amplxe: Internal Error


That was about a 3 hour collection - but if I run the same command line and stop it (via Ctrl-C) after 5-10 minutes, the collector finishes correctly. The command I am running is of the form:

/home/tools/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2017.5.0.526192/bin64/amplxe-cl -collect  advanced-hotspots  -knob collection-detail=stack-and-callcount  -target-duration-type=long -data-limit=100000 <rest of command line>

This problem does not occur with normal hotspots, but fails with both advanced-hotspots and general-exploration.

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!





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