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Got "Failed to finalize result" in Hotspots analysis


I just installed VTune Amplifier trial version for Windows. My program is server to handle large number of data analysis requests. I tried to run hotspots analysis to find out performance bottleneck in my program. However, i got "failed to finalize result" after 10 min analysis with "high accurate cpu time" checked. And there's a warning: Cannot load data file `C:\\.....\\r007hotspots-0\\data.0\\2708-2580.0.trace' (Data file is corrupted).
Can someone tell me what might be the reason of data file corruption and finalize result failure?
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The errors you are receiving have various causes and we may need additional information about the environment to properly trouble shoot the behavior.

1. Are you running the latest Intel VTune Amplifier XE version / update? If not, please patch to the latest update (update 7).

2. Are you running the analysis as Administrator?

3. Make sure you have sufficient permissions to generate result file under the specified directory? Is there enough disk space in the partition? Can you attempt using another results directory (-result-dir)? A simple test, specify a fully qualified path that is a short and simple path where you have full privileges.

4. If you disable "high accurate cpu time", does the behavior change?

If the behavior persists, can you provides information on the following:

Make sure that you are able to successfully analyze other applications. One good test is the Tachyon sample application which comes with the product. This provides a good baseline of what is and is not working.

Can you provide information about the OS, Intel VTune Amplifier XE version / update level you are running?

Can you let me know the command line being ran? From within the Amplifier GUI, you can click the Get command Line button and copy / paste the command line into the case reply.

How is your application launched?

Are you using Intel VTune Amplifier XE integration with Microsoft* Visual Studio or Amplifier stand-alone GUI?



Thanks Rob. Here is my answer:
1. Amplifier XE version: i download 30-day trial version from offical site.
2. yes I'm running with administrative privilege, and btw will Amplifier XE warn user if he doesn't have privilege?
3. disk space is sufficient, more than 20G free.
4. if disabling "high accurate cpu time", i can finalize hotspots analysis. And i wonder how much "inaccurate" it would bring in?
I run Amplifier stand-alone GUI and attach my program process as target.

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Thank you for the additional information. There may be something in the application being analyzed or another process on the system that is interfering with collection using the collect highly accurate CPU time functionality. Along with Admin privileges, Intel VTune Amplifier XE needs exclusive use of OS event tracing. If another Intel VTune Amplifier XE session or another tool is using OS tracing, then this may be the problem.

The article titled Is 'Collect Highly Accurate CPU Time' Option Required? discusses important points about this functionality and how it leverages the OS and Event Tracing for Windows. It also discusses variables if this option is or is not enabled as well as trade-offs.

When attaching to process and using the collect highly accurate CPU time functionality, you may need to run the application to be analyzed and also Intel VTune Amplifier XE in the same environment. For example, start the application in a console window and from within the same console window run Hotspots analysis.

Intel VTune Amplifier XE should warn on certain conditions. The document Warnings about Accurate CPU Time Collection provides specific details.

For the benefit of folks reading this thread who may not be aware of this functionality, some background information about the Collect Highly Accurate CPU Time data functionality can be found in the on-line help here.

Let us know what happens.

- Rob