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How do I join the VTune for Linux Beta Test Program?

Hi gang,
How do you you join the VTune for Linux Beta Test Program? (I'm so glad you asked!)
It's fast and free, and involves these general steps:
1) Go to the appropriate registration URL (see below) and complete the fast registration process. (Be sure to remember the email address you registered with.)
2) You'll get a confirmation of your registration via the email address you registered with. On that email you'll also get instructions on how to download the software from Intel's Premier Q+A database. (Unless you register, you won't "see" the download you want.)
3) Also attached to that confirmation email will be the license (*.lic) file that you need to get things rolling. Copy that .lic file into the same directory you chose to install from.
4) Download and install per the instructions. If you've never installed VTune for Linux before, try the new "TYPICAL" install, which is designed to make the installation as quick and easy as possible!
5) If you have any problems installing, be sure to report them ASAP to Intel Premier, as we want you to get profiling with this great new tool as soon as possible!
If you don't work for Intel, this is where you go to register to get the software:
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