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How to set the application running times in vtune?

Hi, all.
Generally, when the vtune sampls an application, the application runs for 2 times for an approximatly precise result. But if I want the application to run for just one time, how should I do? thanks
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Hey newlife2003

That first run is called a calibration run, and it's currently vtl's default behavior to include it. To stop it from happening, add -o "-cal no" to your command line, for example:

vtl activity -c sampling -o "-cal no" -app /bin/ls run

By default, vtl currently runs a calibration session (default, 20 seconds) before running your application for the session you've asked for.

You can stop this by turning calibration off at the command line by adding -o "-cal no" as I mentioned above(do a man page on sampling for more info).

$ man sampling

Please note that the engineering team is considering currently turning calibration OFF by default by the time the new 2.0 beta software is released.

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