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How to use V-Tune to analyze Fortran code?

Hi, I am new to V-Tune Performance Analyzer. What I am trying to do is to analyze which function or which line of code takes long time to execute.

I tried to use "static module analyzer," but it tells me that "line number information is not available for this module. Only Disassembly view will be abailale" when I tried to see the Source View.

Could anyone tell me how to fix this problem? If "static module analyzer" is not the right one to use, please tell me the right way.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Compile and link with CVF option /debug, or IFL option /Zi, same as with the supported C compilers. With the debug tables working, if the source files aren't found, you should get a pop up window inviting you to browse for them. If your compiler doesn't support the same debugging format, or your files exceed the .pdb generation capability of the compiler (linker should warn), you will not have Source View available, and will not be get event summaries by function.
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