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Inspector cannot close gracefully - Missing Framedyn.dll


I have re-installed several times the Inspector XE 2011 on a Dual-Quad Xeon, running XP SP3 OSthat uses VS2005.
The PC already hadthe Standard Parallel Studio tools installed and working fine.

While perform a run to detect data races, I decided to quit.
Instead STOP followed by CLOSE, I hitted CLOSE, directly.

At this point a message box appeared telling me:

"The Application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not foud, Re-Installing application might fix. problem."

I completely removed the tool, and re-installed twice, already.
What is going on?

I retried the above test that failed on the XP machine on another PC running Win 7, latest SP.
It has the same Parallel Studio there + XE tool set, also

The only difference is that the Win 7 machine has VS2005 + VS2010.
On this machine, the Inspector XE closes fine.

Any idea on how to make fully operational the Inspector XE on the XP machine?
I need a resolution to this, since the Inspector XE keeps on running, forcing a hard reset to regain control of the PC.

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