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Installing VTune in a restricted environment


Hi all,

Recently, I have been tasked with installing VTune on a couple of Linux development servers. There are several problems though:

  1. The servers have no or limited Internet connectivity. They can connect to a license server though, running on a different machine.
  2. There is no way how to obtain root or sudo access (only a regular user account is available).
  3. All software packages MUST be installed via RPM (or yum).

VTune uses an install script which cannot be used for the reason number 3. Furthermore, I understand VTune contains a kernel module which needs to be somehow introduced into the system, and needs to match the running kernel. I am sure there are other people using this software as well in similarly restricted environment, is there some guidance on the following?

  1. Can the installation be performed using only RPMs?
  2. Can the kernel module be precompiled for a given OS and packaged into RPM as well?
  3. Following a kernel update, will the module continue to work or will it need to be reinstalled?

Many thanks in advance,


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