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Installing Vtune on linux RedHat 9 taking too long time


I tried to install Vtune 3.0 on redhat 9 on it's default kernel linus-2.4.20-8smp . All the checking has been checked without any failures or component missings which are the pre-requisites for the entire installation.

while installing, it prompted user on which directory to install.Therefore, I have chosen the default directory which is /opt/intel/vtune and it continues with the following message:

Entire DCOm for linux* component is being installed, please wait......

Well, i have been waited for an hour but seem no progress nor any errors returned ...the only problem is the installation just didn't complete and requested the user to wait...waiting for an hour...seems like something is wrong.

Have anyone facing such problem before? My server is definately having enough RAM which is more than 1GB and running on Intel Pentium 4 2.6G

Please help!

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VERY interesting report, meileng!
Of course what you're seeing is not normal, and a typical installation for me takes about 15 minutes, tops. Something is clearly going wrong.
1) Double check the /var/log/* directory for an install.log. See what's in there, as that log contains all installation events, default and non default decisions, successes and failures, along with a date and time stamp. Might be some interesting clues in there.
2) If you run out of processes on the OS, there won't even be an availableprocess to generate a warning for you(!). Are other applications running that are needed? If so, stop them, to free up a few more processes, then try to install again. (Depends on how far the install got: if further than it looks, you'll have to "uninstall" first. Also, I'd suggest a reboot in between installation attempts as well).
3) If a target filesystem is filling up, we'd expect an error to be generated. But typically that would NOT generate a lockup, you'd get an error that says NOT enough room, that sort of thing.
4) ALWAYS a good idea to double check the release notes to make sure your processor and default kernel and OS are listed as supported. If not, it may or may not work, but it can give us a hand hold into the problem you're seeing.
5) You know I saw a problem similar to this one once, and it was that the xterm had scrolled up away from the current prompt. The illusion was that installation had locked up, when all I had to do was click on the windows and scroll down to the bottom of the window, where the current prompt was sitting and waiting for my input. Not a lockup at all, it was just my not realizing that the xterm windows was scrollable. Wouldn't hurt to double check that here.
Report back, let us know what you're finding!

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