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Licensing options for VTune



It seems to me that Intel® VTune Amplifier has two licensing models: one paid (1-seat floating license $3149 or 1-seat named-user license $899) and one free (90-days community license, refreshable an unlimited number of times, inside  Intel System Studio ). The principal difference between them is the type of support provided (Intel Priority Support on the paid license, internet community support on the free license), as far as I can see.

It seems weird for Intel to offer the same tool both for free (in a software bundle) and for lots of money (as a standalone package), so I have a feeling I'm missing something here. I'd like to use the tool in the development of our commercial product, but I wouldn't like to ask my boss to fork over $$$ for that. Also, it appears that the community license should not be confused with the academic license, although both are free.

Does anybody know what are the limits for the community license as applicable to a regular company? Am I allowed to use this tool for free?


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Hello Mihai,

Standalone package of VTune Amplifier is also now available for free download backed by community forum support.


And a paid support entitles you to:

  • Private Priority Support from Intel’s engineers
  • The ability to submit confidential code samples
  • Responsive help with technical questions
  • Access to older versions
  • Support renewals at a lower rate

Regards, Katya

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