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Missing analysis and counters on new laptop



VTune seems to be missing almost all hardware counters on my new Surface Laptop 3 and provides no information beyond what other sampling profilers like Visual Studio or Very Sleepy provide. I am running the recent VTune 2020 (downloaded today) through the standalone GUI interface. The new laptop has an i5-1035G7 processor running windows 10 version 1903 (OS Build 18362.592). Is the new CPU not supported yet? Can I expect it to work with a future update to VTune?

Note that I also have an older laptop that correctly samples HW counters with VTune and supplies information about the bandwidth, bottlenecks, branch mispredictions, etc. Because I can get things working on another machine I'm guessing it isn't a mistake that I am making. The older working laptop is an i7-6700HQ.

Thanks for your time!

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Is there any error when you attempt to choose Hotspots analysis in HW-based mode?

This might relate to Hyper-V:


(Please see the attached screenshots)

There are no errors. I am running as administrator, and I am not using Hyper-V or any other virtual machine.

When I configure a new analysis, there are just not enough hardware events listed. In particular, there are very few in the Microarchitecture Exploration details. I have attached screenshots of the list of event counters that are sampled on both Ice Lake and Sky Lake for the same profiling mode. Ice Lake has only 4 counters used. Sky Lake has hundreds of event counters that scroll for pages and pages (you can see from the scroll bar).

Note that some of the other analysis modes have some more counters on Ice Lake, but I'm sure they are missing some important counters also, because some of the info that should exist doesn't. E.g. the memory analysis doesn't show the bandwidth used in a graph on Ice Lake, but does on Sky Lake.