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Missing symbols

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When I run my program using Intel Vtune the under functions it shows


and it does nto seem to be able to find all symbols i mosek.dll. So I cannot see how much time is spend in functions in the DLL.It is build with /Zi and linked with /DEBUG.

For some strange reason it seemed to work yesterday and I have not changed anything but the code.

Any suggestions?


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Are you moving the DLL or PDB file prior to profiling?  Have you configured VTune Amplifier XE with the location of the PDB file, if you moved it?

If you changed the code, then you rebuilt the binary.  VTune Amplifier XE will look for the PDB in the location it was built.  That is, the DLL will point to where the PDB was generated during the build process.  If you move anything, you need to configure VTune Amplifier XE in the Project Properties -> Binary/Symbol Search tab.

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