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Module does not appear in module listing

Hi all,
I have a strange problem with VTune 2.0 Update 1 on Itanium2 (Redhat AW2.1). When I perform a run of a sampling acivity like
vtl activity -c sampling -app ./a.out run
the program runs and all the VTune diagnostic messages appear normal.
But if I then do, for instance,
vtl view -modules
the a.out module does not appear in the list. Instead, there is a vtl.bin
module that - judging from the number of clocktick samples - should
really be the a.out module. But trying to look into it via
vtl view -hf -mn vtl.bin
just gives me an error message about no symbols being present
in vtl.bin.
a.out runs for several seconds, so it can't be 'statistical insignificance'.
Moreover I have compiled the program with -g (using icc 8.0).
What's wrong? The same procedure works fine and gives sensible
profiling results on an IA32 machine.
Thanks in advance,
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Hey Georg.
Very well thought out posting: you are a good detective for sure. Unless somebody in earshot has run into this -- I sure haven't -- maybe the quickest thing here would be for you to head to our support site
and report exactly what you're seeing. Also, to speed things up, pack up the smallest possible example and attache the .vxp file to the case. If you do this all at once, it should give Intel support what it needs to start taking a look.
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