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*NEW* Callgraph graphical viewer for VTune 1.1 for Linux

Hey VTune 1.1 for Linux users,

Join the Callgraph Viewer Plugin Pilot test program and view your Linux callgraph data in a new, flexible graphical interface!

This plugin software is installed quickly and easily on top of the VTune Performance Analyzer 1.1 for Linux software. Then, to invoke it, just add "-gui" to the callgraph view commands you're already using. The viewer's X window will pop up, showing you your graph data in graphical form instead of ASCII text.

Before installing the plug in: $ vtl view
After installing the plug in: $ vtl view -gui

As you can see, VERY easy to use. And of course, if you just want the ASCII text again at any time, just omit the -gui option.

The pilot program will last approximately 8 weeks and is free of charge. To request to join and receive the new software (or just to inquire about it) send email to with the subject "Callgraph Viewer Plugin Pilot".



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Please be aware that it works with Vtune analyzer 1.0 for Linux as well and supports all the platforms supported by Vtune analyzer 1.0/1.1 for Linux.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Lupach
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