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Problem using VtuneApi functions

Hi all,
I have just started using vtune and have downloaded an evaluation version for the purpose. I am trying to use local sampling in a C program using Vtune on linux. I am using the functions VTStartSampling() and VTStopSampling() as described in the header file VtuneApi.h that comes with vdk. I am also linking it with The program compiles without any errors but gives the following error on running:
"1 Error: NTD is not running at the moment, please start it before using NT services."
It gives this error on encountering the VTStartSampling() function call. I checked using the ps command, and ntd is running as 5 different processes under the sag user.
As far as I know, the installation of Vtune went smoothly and the components EntireX DCOM, vdk and the vtune analyzer were correctly installed. Besides this problem with local sampling, other aspects like EBS and callgraph sampling through the command line are working perfectly.
I am not sure why one needs the windows components for running vtune on a standalone linux system and I could not find adequate documentation in this regard either in the user guide or the reference manual.
Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
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