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Problem with installing evaluation license



we would like to try out Intel VTune and have downloaded the LINUX version and tried the installation without root access.

The installation guide says the followings:

> Execute the ./ script file (available at the top level in the extracted contents) as a root user. Activation is required.

However it says later "The install can be run as a non-root user, but in this case not all collectors will be available to the user", when I try to install it as an evaluation version the following comes up:

> To install an evaluation version of this software, it is recommended that you have root privileges to complete a one time initialization activity securing the product licensing. You can also install an evaluation version of this software without root by obtaining a license file via email.


> 1. Become root to install evaluation [default] 2. Become root to

> install evaluation using sudo privileges and password 3. Install

> evaluation software using a license file 4. Install evaluation

> software with help of system administrator

Is it possible to get a evaluation license file? A file ending with .lic is needed. Or what else can we do to use the evalution without root access?

Thanks a lot for your support and best regards,

Andrea Froelich



Without root privileges, it looks like we need a license file.

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tenho certeza que na versão do VTune 2015 deve ter uma atualização corretiva para a versão em Linux.

visite o link: 

e procure a versão mais atualizada.


If you use non-root user (no sudo) to install, all vtune drivers cannot be installed. You only can use user-mode sampling data collections.

Usually an eval license (with serial number) will be sent to you after you have successfully applied trial product. You need to register this product via and next time, you can find all registered products - it is not difficult to send license file to you again under your registered product, in IRC.