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RH8 and pthreads


I am evaluating VTune for Linux to see if it will fit our development, and I am seeing some strange results when runing multithreaded programs, even the simplest ones. Is RH8 supported at all (I am running kernel 2.4.18-26-8-0smp)?
Plus, we need to run it on another platform - MontaVista Linux (Langley machines) with 2.4.18 kernel, glibc 1.2 - when I try to install, I get the following:
>> -d option is not supported under Linux. Cannot make temp directory under /tmp. Installation failed.

BTW, where can I get a peek at the GUI for VTune Linux? Plese, don't send me to, I can't log in there before we actually BUY VTune.


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Great handle, LM, and great questions.


1) The supported OS list is always changing, but not usually as fast as our customers change. The release notes for any specific product, the section under Software Requirements is your target. For VTune for Linux, the release notes are usually called (note case) VTLRELEASENOTES.htm.

2) Currently, we only officially support (which means test on, others may work, but no guarantees...) specific default distributions of Red Hat and SuSE. You'll see those precise versions listed under Software Requirements, above. For VTune 2.0 for Linux, RH8 isn't in there yet.

HOWEVER, that said, the VTune for Windows 7.1 Linux remote agents work on a much wider base of Linux kernels and installations, see more on that next.

3) RH 8.0 *is* supported on the Linux Remote Agents of the VTune for Windows 7.1 product (it's a daemon called VTServer). This product requires a Windows workstation to do its job: you launch your Linux analysis session from the Windows GUI (the two systems must be connected by a properly configured TCP/IP network) and the data collection occurs on the Linux server. That data is then transferred back to the Windows VTune GUI for analysis and displaying to you.

Sounds like VTune for Windows 7.1 might be your better choice for now, regardless. If you don't have a Windows computer in the area, maybe it might be worth tracking one down, just to continue your testing? You can download a trial version of 7.1 at:

Also note that when you register any VTune evaluation software, you receive an evallicense as an attachment to an email we automagically send you.

That email contains info about how to use the Premier support account, that you get as a result of this whole evaluation download and registration process. (If somebody else installed your software, you won't know about any of this. If you still have that email around someplace, take a look.)

Also, note that vtl should do a great job with your multithreaded applications. If it's not, it may be due to anomolies in your installation, or, honestly, maybe you've found a bug if you're actually installed on a supported OS. I know this isn't the answer you want, but you should open a premier case on it. (If you're not using an officially supported OS, things are a bit dicier, but you should probably report it anyway, in case something obvious and easy surfaces.)

Any chance you could give the VTune for Linux 7.1 Linux Remote Agent a try?



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