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Recipe: Profiling JavaScript* code in Node.js* with VTune


I am Denis Pravdin, Software engineer VTune Amplifier team. At present, I am driving the development of profiling capabilities for Java/native applications and JIT runtimes (e.g. Node.js, HHVM, etc) running in Docker, LXC, and other types of isolation environments. I am looking forward to discuss your use cases and get your feedback on existing Container support in VTune Amplifier.
We have already published an article "How to profile a Java* application in the Docker* container". Any feedback?
Our next article, "Profiling JavaScript* code in Node.js”, is to help you benefit from different VTune Amplifier analysis types (Advanced Hotspots, Memory, Disk I/O, etc) and profile both Node.js internals and JavaScript applications.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me directly in this thread.

Thanks, Denis.

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