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Running Vtune on command line - disk space problem

I am trying to run Vtune on command line. I have been running several times before with around 20 runs. Everytime I would delete the activity information using:

vtl delete -all

However, recently I am getting the following error:
The global data directory "/opt/intel/vtune/global_data"
must have at least 10000 of 1024 byte blocks of free space.
Please provide more space or set the environment variable
VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR to point to a location with sufficient free space.
You can run the command "df -k" to check file system free space.

You have not enough disk space. There might be faults.

I ran the following commands to clear up the cache as su.
sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

But, it did not help. Any thoughts on this will be really appreciated.

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Hi Reshmi,

Have you checked file system space by using "df -k"?
If there are only limited space, you may mount other hard disk for new file system...then reinstall the product and specify new vtune global dir. - OR -
Set VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR to new directory of new file system.

Assume that you still have space in default file system:
1. Check if your user (running vtl) was in "vtune" group, chekc /etc/group
2. When running vtl command - some data will be generated under /opt/intel/vtune/global_data/vtserver_$USER
3. Final result should be generated under $USER/VTUNE/Projects

Other suggestion is to use other directory for setting VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR - and your log-on uesrhaspermission to write data.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Peter
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Also, note, that the global data directory is not cleaned up by deleting the project activities. The global data directory is like a scratch pad. You could try just deleting the contents of the global data directory before running the command line, again? You may not, however, want to delete the subdir ISM, which is the symbol cache for all previously processed modules.
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