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Segementation fault for sampling with larger test cases

I use VTune regularly on an Itanum2 machine for most
of my tuning work. It works well for small and medium test cases( where elapsed time is < 2000 seconds).

I am trying to use VTune with sampling for a larger test case now. The test case runs for 5200 seconds. So I started VTune with the following command.

> vtl activity -c sampling -d 5300 run

However, I get the following error message. This message doesn't pop up immediately, but after some time.
VTune Performance Analyzer 3.0 for Linux*Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

The Activity is running.

Tue Oct 12 11:51:19 2004 tx7 (Run 0) The Sampling Collector iscollecting samples based on the following event(s):IA64_INST_RETIRED-THIS,CPU_CYCLES.
/opt/intel/vtune/bin/vtl: line 16: 12220 Segmentation fault (coredumped) "${BINARY}" "$@" ---------------------------------------------------------
I need to mention here that when I checked the disk space on the disk in which the $VTUNE_USER_DIR directory is located, it was only 6% full. This led me to beleive that this error is not because of the shortage of disk space. So with regard to this I have a few questions.

1) Is there any limitation on the total time the vtune sampling can be run?
2) has anyone used vtune sampling for more than 5000 seconds ?

Thanks for your time...
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Did you try increasing the sampling interval so as to keep the number of samples within the limit where you had success previously? You have run much longer intervals already than I have been able to do.
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Also, although this won't solve the problem you mentioned Shiv, it might help manage it. Run the ActivityController to stop the experiment after a short while:
$ ActivityController
(select stop)
See if you can get some partial data like that, and if you can, gradually try letting the experiment run gradually longer and longer, see if you find something of interest in the data.
Failing that of course, it's always appropriate to head over and open a problem report case on exactly this! By attaching a pack of the project that shows the problem, you couldspeed things up a bit.
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