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Setting Number of Logical Cores in Intel VTune Amplifier


Hi. I'm trying to do a hotspots analysis on my concurrent program which utilizes only 4 threads. As my system has more than 4 logical cores, all effective CPU usages reported fall into either "Idle" or "Poor" performance.  

1. Is there any way to specify the number of logical cores when generating a report with the CLI? 

I'm aware that I can do this with the GUI (by adjusting a sliding bar). Can I do this with the CLI as well? 

2. Importing amplxe results with GUI also failed. 

I also tried opening amplxe results generated on a remote system with Amplifier GUI on my laptop.

The error message says that "The result is empty". What did I do wrong? Note that the amplxe results successfully produced reports on the remote system.


Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2017 Update 4 (build 518798)


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