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Source code view drill down does not update?

I am profiling a driver running at DPC level using event based sampling.

First sampling I can drill down to my code easily and see CPI counters and so on. But when I change my code and compile rerun and profile than I always see the old code in the dril down views. No way to see the new code which is exactly at the same place as before. Even if I open a new project I see the old code.

It seems that vtune is storing the code somewhere and never update it.

Any idea how to overcome this?

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what are you doing to be sure the OS is actually installing the new driver?
If I rebuild an ap and just ask vtune to rerun the activity (ie right click on the activity..or use the green button..) I do in fact see the new source in the drill down..
I have built the ap with /Zi but don't see that any of that should be I suspect that the new driver may not be getting run and that a cached version is being run by the OS???
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