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Support for newer Suse distributions

I downloaded the new vtune 8.0/linux evaluation version and installed it on Suse 9.3 that we are using in our company and on Suse 10 that I am using at home. Vtune didn't work on either of two. Then I retrieved the old Suse 9.2 box from the archive and tried to install it on the workstation that we intent to use for vtune, but it wouldn't even install due to the new sata2 chipset. Of course I could try to download and compile a driver and get Suse 9.2 to use this, but it is taking me too much time at this moment.

I must say that I am a little disappointed that kernel/distribution support is already outdated at the moment a new version (8.0) is released. Perhaps it would also be nicer if vtune was a little more tolerant to slighty different kernels.

I hope support for newer distros will follow soon.

Winfried Dobbe
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I just submitted an issue myself on, regarding the broken link to the document indicating which platforms are supported. My reward today is that the link to log in to premier is broken as well.
From my point of view, it is too early to expect support for SuSE 10, but 9.3 ought to be supported on standard Intel platforms. Certainly, there are platforms which support SuSE, where VTune will not be supported, much as we would find it useful.
While your report contains more useful detail than one I received from a colleague yesterday, it is still far short of what the VTune team would need to proceed. If you would file a report on premier yourself, the form would request some of those details.
Ok, thanks for the reply. I didn't submit a request yet, since suse 9.3 was not on the supported os list, but I'll do that tomorrow.